Casino Machines

Since end of 2011,CAMEL Engineering supplied Europe Game Technology (Bulgaria) completed 3 different large gaming machine projects, Premier Upright, STOCK and Topper Premier, it is including parts analysis & development, plastic injection moulds, die casting moulds, extrusion moulds, foam moulds, mass production in China, parts surface treatments etc . 

We provide service as below

● Engineering

● Parts Pre production

● Plastics Parts

● Surface ● Treatment

● Molds Building

● Parts Mass production

● Metal Parts

● Shipping

● Prototyping & Testing

Premier Upright Project 

Moulds quantity

● 37 sets (21 injection moulds and 16 die casting moulds) 

Parts Material 

● ABS, PC and Aluminium-alloy (Local) 

Mold Unit Weight 

● From 1 ton to 5 tons 

Topper Premier Project 

Moulds quantity 

● 18 sets(14 injection moulds and 4 die casting moulds) 

Parts Material 

● Acrylic and Aliuminium-alloy

Mold Unit Weight 

● From 1 ton to 5 tons 

STORK Project 

Moulds quantity 

● 29 sets( 22 injection moulds, 1 extrusion mould and 1 foam rnoulds)

Parts Material 

● ABS, PC+ABS and foam PU(Local) 

Mold  unit Weight 

● From 1 ton  to 5 tons 

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