1.Part Analysis 

A part analysis (DFM) will be provided after we received the final 3D data, which will show vividly the major details of the mould beginning and manufacturing, like the gate position, parting line and our suggestion for potential concerns of the parts structure.

2.Moulds Specificationg Sheet

After receiving the PO, a detailed mould specification sheet as per the customer's mould requirements will be sent to the client, which will include the mould steel, injection machine information, standard of ejector pins,screw thread,water plug etc.

3.Moulds Drawings Design

After we receive confirmation of the mould specification sheet, the 2D drawing will be provided first then the 3D mould drawing will follow if here is no special requirements from the customer.Normally it will take 3-5 working days the for moulds drawings.

4.Moulds Manufacturing Schedule

After the customer approves the mould drawings or reaches a consensus, the steel will be cut and the lead time from the quotation will begin to be calculated until the T1 trial. During this period,a detailed mould manufacturing schedule will be  sent to customer weekly with the process report which will include weekly pictures from the mold base, core & cavity, electrodes, components,  CNC mac hining, EDM, wire cutting, polishing, fitting, T1 date and local public holiday.

5. First Article Inspection Report

Mould sampling video, part picturem, FAI report, injection parameter list, parts shipment waybill all will be sent to customer as a com plete mould trial report from each mould sampling. Also reasonable suggesti on will be provided to provided to customer for issues duri ng sampling.

6.Moulds Shipment

Before moulds shipment, QC team check moulds by a moulds checking list. Meanwhile, final moulds drawing, moulds checking list, steel certificates, injection parameter, electrodes allwill be shipped together with moulds. Also related files will be sent to customer by email or FTP as backup.

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