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CAMEL is a specialist in the design and manufacture of die casting dies, with 10 years of manufacturing experience and strong production delivery capabilities.

Strong design team

Projecting global mold service team and overseas after-sales service.

Complete die-casting supply chain

Supporting die casting die trial and production environment

Strict mold production control


CAMEL has been engaged in the production of die-casting molds since 2010, in view of the current workshop has been unable to meet our increasing amount of mold growth, so we added a new 4500 square meters die-casting molds workshop in Huizhou, in this video you can see the location of Huizhou factory; at present, we have mold production workshop in Dongguan and Huizhou, with CNC, EDM, milling machine, grinding machine, deep hole drilling, die-making machine and other equipment, and has experienced mold design team, mold test engineers, project engineers of mold manufacturing team, and overseas engineers in the United States to coordinate the handling of after-sales service and communication.


Our main customers are from Europe and North America, the products are automotive metal parts, LED, equipment parts, aviation parts, if you have any interest in us, please feel free to contact us!