CAMEL has multiple CNCs for machining, depending on the size of the CNC machine to determine the accuracy and parts to be machined, such as mold bases and The finishing of the mold kernel will be used on precision machines, and there is a special machine for the machining of copper male CNC. Most of our CNCs are equipped with tool magazines to save time for tool changes and to keep track of the machining progress through a mobile app. Records.

We generally take the following approaches to improve CNC machining accuracy.

Regulate the use of new tools and replace them after a certain time.

Optimized processes reduce tool wear

Improved accuracy of machining by controlling the margin

Reduce empty tools and control the trajectory of the walking tool


CNC is one of the most important parts of the entire mold machining process, control of CNC machining time is the same as the control of the die precision and accuracy, so CNC machining is highly valued at CAMEL.