CAMEL ENGINEERING LIMITED was founded in the south of China in 2009, specializing in plastic injection molds and die casting molds, designing and manufacturing. We have two separate factories, one for die casting molds and the other for injection molds building. Our monthly capacity is approximately 35-40 molds on each factory, 100% for export to various customers in Europe, North America, South Africa, etc. 

One of the many advantages of working with us is our timely T1 rate, which allows us to get the molds shipped on time to our valued customers. It is CAMEL's strong ambition to develop and build molds that support the best cycle times, part quality and mold life. 

To enhance efficiency in mold manufacturing, CAMEL designs and executes the ERP system based on 11 years' experience of project management and mold making which increases our productivity by 10-15% and allows us to reduce lead times by roughly 17%. 

CAMEL offers a total solution for all customers, we provide the best mold building and mechanical manufacturing services to provide efficiency, innovation, and value to our customers. Meanwhile, rich experience in process control systems will support customers surprising each important step during the process with detailed process reports and solutions, make sure the best quality and lead time to customers.

In addition to serving several unique industries, CAMEL ENGINEERING LIMITED understands that every customer and every project stands alone. This kind of customizable service will surely meet the urgent needs of the customer.


We offer you fast, affordable, reliable service while also providing your company with first-rate quality products, we understand that our customers need both quality and service to manufacture their top-quality products. With this understood, we will exceed our customers' expectations with a fantastic price. 

CAMEL Customer Visitation
Nanshan Office Building

A full-service molder(ISO 9001:2015)

The biggest advantage is that we are always on time for T1 and tools shipment.
Offering a complete range of services as below:

● Products Improvement
● Plastic Injection Moulds
● Global After Service
● 3D Printing
● Pre Production
● Global Shipment Service
● Rapid Prototyping

● Mass Production


Plastic Injection Moulds Types

Hot Runner, 3-Plates, Unscrewing, Insert Moulds, 
2 Shots Moulds (double color), Over Moulds, Reverse Ejection


Design Software

UG and AutoCAD for mold design
Pro-E, SolidWorks and CATIA for view and transform


Resin for Plastic Parts

ABS,  PP,  PVC,  POM,  PA,  ASA,  TPE,  PC,  PS,  HIPS,  LDPE, 

HDPE etc. 


Major Customers

General Electric, Lotus Cars(UK), JAGUAR(UK), LONDON 
Hannifen, Harman Kardon, BOSCH, JOHN DEERE.
Mercedes-Benz, HONDA, BRP.