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EDM is one of the more time-consuming processes in mold machining, and when the CNC cannot reach the area, EDM is a good process. The solution, which is also commonly used as a surface texture treatment for steel, is a highly accurate machine with an accuracy of 0.005 mm.

We typically use EDM to solve the following problems:

  • Areas that are difficult to machine with CNC, such as small, complex shapes, and very tall areas.

  • Special machining such as exhaust

  • Surface treatment of the grain of the steel

We also focus on improving the operational efficiency of EDM:

  • Choosing a good machine brand and a higher quality power management system

  • Use multiple tolerance copper males

  • Use of copper graphite metric

  • Use of quick-action devices

  • Double-headed EDM equipment

CAMEL has several large EDM machines that can respond in a timely manner to mold machining needs in production, if you have machining needs. Welcome to contact us