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CAMEL has several precision Wire EDM machines, which are programmed with 3D files to process complex and shiny molded part shapes, completing the high precision and complexity of Wire EDM machining, which is often used in metal parts processing.


How to improve the accuracy and speed of Wire EDM processing?

  • Configuration of automatic piercing

  • Fixture design to avoid workpiece deformation

  • Using 3D programming, lines are optimized

  • In the last process, a fine wire is used for trimming, generally 0.10 mm, and small rounded corners are cut to ensure that the parts are well rounded. precision

What is wire cutting?

Commonly used electrode wires are molybdenum wire, tungsten wire, brass wire; tungsten wire has high tensile strength and is used for narrow-slit finishing with +/-0.005mm. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.8; brass wire is suitable for slow processing, and the surface roughness and flatness can reach Ra0.8. Good straightness; high tensile strength molybdenum wire, mainly used in fast-wire processing

At CAMEL, we often use Wire EDM inside for mold components, metal fabrication, and other applications.