Other Plastic Injection Mold Projects

Casino Machines

Since the end of 2011,CAMEL Engineering supplied Europe Game Technology (Bulgaria) completed 3 different large gaming machine projects, Premier Upright, STOCK, and Topper Premier, it is including parts analysis & development, plastic injection molds, die-casting molds, extrusion molds, foam molds, mass production in China, parts surface treatments, etc . 

● Engineering
● Parts Pre-production
● Plastic Parts
● Surface ● Treatment
● Molds Building

● Parts Mass production
● Metal Parts
● Shipping
● Prototyping & Testing

Mold and Parts Forms

Premier Upright Project 

Mold quantity

● 37 sets (21 injection moulds and 16 die casting moulds) 

Part Material 

● ABS, PC and Aluminium-alloy (Local)  

Mold Unit Weight 

● From 1 ton to 5 tons 

Topper Premier Project 

Mold quantity 

● 18 sets(14 injection molds and 4 die casting molds) 

Part Material 

● Acrylic and Aliuminium-alloy

Mold Unit Weight 

● From 1 ton to 5 tons 

Mold and Parts Forms

STORK Project 

Mold quantity 

● 29 sets( 22 injection molds, 1 extrusion mold and 1 foam mold)

Parts Material 

● ABS, PC+ABS and foam PU(Local) 

Mold  unit Weight 

● From 1 tons  to 5 tons 


Airplane Seats Products

From 2014 to 2015, CAMEL Engineering supplied one U.S. molding shop with 92 plastic injection molds for different airplane seat systems, molds designing and manufacturing both are done in CAMEL shop, the engineering team from CAMEL keep tight and detailed communication with clients, speed up the improvement on some uncompleted parts construction. All of the tools are shipped to the USA by air to catch the timing for production in the molding shop. CAMEL team visit clients in the USA several times during the project running, provided the best after service we could offer.

Mold Steel

● H13

● P20



● PC - LEXAN FST 9705 WA9500-115

● PP+30%GF

● PC/ABS GF 15%

Mold Size & Weight

● From 450mm to 780mm

● From 2.1 tons to 4.5 tons

Airplane Seats Products Forms