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CAMEL has extensive experience in the design of die-cast moulds. The image files we receive are generally in stp format to facilitate standardization by customers and suppliers. We have developed our own stdp preview software based on PythonOCC. We recommend to provide our customers with dxf in 2D format and stp in 3D format.


CAMEL follows the mold making process and is committed to the stability of the mold design:

  • A strong design team

  • Complete standard parts for mold design

  • Documentation of all stages of mold design changes

  • Communicate with customers about changes in mold design

  • Management of the parts list

  • Two checks before mold opening and before processing


We firmly believe that good design tools bring fast results, strong design capabilities bring good quality tooling, and a perfect design process. Create a stable production environment.



Please contact us for your tooling needs.