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CAMEL ENGINEERING LIMITED was founded in 2004 as an injection molds engineering team, including experienced products and molds engineers from Germany, Austria and China. With over 10 years of molds manufacturing and cooperation with many famous companies, like GE, Boeing, Whirlpool, harman/kardon, Parker Hannifin, Bentley, Lotus Cars(UK), Range Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, BRP, Audi, Nissan, Honda from automotive, appliance, aerospace and casino & gaming industries. A complete and highly active project s control system with effective communication in English had been developed, ensure good quality and best lead time. Also provide industrial design, prototype making, pre and mass production service for plastic parts, metal parts, rubber parts, silicone parts, extrusion parts and foamed parts.

CAMEL offers a total solution for all customers, we provide the best mold building and mechanical manufacturing services to provide efficiency, innovation, and value to our customers. Meanwhile, rich experience on process control system will support customer surprising each important steps during process with detailed process reports and solutions, make sure the best quality and lead time to customers.

In addition to serving several unique industries, CAMEL ENGINEERING LIMITED understands that every customer and every project stands alone. This kind of customizable service will surely meet the urgent needs of the customer.


We offer you with fast, affordable, reliable service while also providing your company with first-rated quality products, we understand that our customers need both quality and service to manufacture their top-quality products. With this understood, we will exceed our customers' expectations with a fantastic price.